Macro – a very special experience for small groups only

Macro – a very special experience for small groups only
  • Please see the overview and Itinerary sections for prices for each workshop /person
  • Deposit: £50.00
  • Location: Surrey, UK
  • Dates:
    • Group Macro Day: 28 April 2018
    • Group Macro Day: 12 May 2018
    • Group Macro Day: 19 May 2018
    • Group Macro Day: 30 June 2018
    • Group Macro Day: 7 July 2018
    • Group Macro Day: 14 July 2018
    • There are many other available dates if the listed ones are not convenient for you. Please email to discuss your requirements. We will do our best to arrange a date to suit you
  • Duration: 1 day macro workshop, 1 day or half day One to One Macro Workshop
  • Leader: Roy de Ruijter and Geoffrey Read
  • Group Size: Maximum of 3 for normal Macro Day
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Join this amazing macro workshop for an experience to remember whilst also obtaining some fantastic images and learning about many species of animal.

Natural Wonders Photography have teamed up with Chameleon Photography to provide one of the largest collections of animals for macro photography workshops.    All animals are captive bred, privately owned and animal welfare is paramount.    We have three options for you to choose from:

1.        A full one day macro workshop for a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 participants.  £175.00 per person.

2.        A full day one to one macro workshop with the option to bring a friend to share the experience.  £320.00 per day.   £80.00 for a friend.

3.        A half day one to one macro workshop with the option to bring a friend to share the experience. £270.00 per day.  £80.00 for a friend.

The workshops take place in a purpose built fully equipped studio.  You do not need to have any experience of macro photography at all.  We want you to enjoy your day and as such, the workshop is aimed at everybody who has an interest in photography and animals, from the complete beginner to experienced professional.     Everyone who attends will have plenty of time to take images and learn about the animals from our very experienced tutors Roy and Geoff.

This is an amazing opportunity to take photographs of between 11 – 18 species in a day!   The number of species available are vast and the amount of species to photograph varies depending on your personal requirements.

Client Testimonials

What You'll Learn

  • About macro photography
  • What extension tubes are for
  • About several species of animal
  • About depth of field in macro photography
  • About a studio set up


Client Testimonials

  • Gary C

    “An amazing day! Thank you”

  • Fiona

    “Another excellent workshop organised by Janette.  Geoff and Roy had extensive knowledge of the animals and how to handle them. The welfare of the animals was always considered while we were taking photographs.  Numerous props were provided so that the animal could be photographed in a number of settings.  I would not hesitate in recommending this workshop”.

  • Trevor D

    “Having done 2 macro workshops with Natural Wonders Photography and Roy & Geoff, I cannot say enough about their love and dedication for the animals that they use in their workshops, always putting the welfare of the animals first they still manage to give you such a diverse set of images to come away with using a seemingly endless supply of props to give you the best possible pictures.

    Geoff’s tireless interaction and effort with the animals to get them in the right poses with Roy giving you all the technical help you may need setting up your camera to get the best out of your day is just wonderful.

    This is a superb relaxed run macro workshop with great sandwiches for lunch and the follow up email with all the details about the animals used for the shoot”


  • Steve C

    “My wife and I recently attended the  macro day, what a fantastic experience.  Eighteen different species of insects and reptiles,  all presented in a natural manner which was great for not only photographing the subject but to also have a realistic background.
    Each session was totally unhurried, as much time as was needed to photograph the insects at many different angles. All the creatures were very well looked after.

    A well set up studio, great tips on macro photography and incredible knowledge of the insects and reptiles.

    A relaxing day, great photos and good company. I would highly recommend this and I will certainly be going back for another day.”

  • Angela


    “Just spent a macro day with Janette, Roy and Jeff.   Fantastic. Roy and Jeff are so knowledgeable about all the animals and take great care of them. You can tell by how they handle the creatures  how much they care and the animals welfare comes first, as it should.   Great advice was given on the right settings in the camera to get the best shots.  I took images of eighteen different species in total and came away with some great shots.

    Lovely lunch and a brilliant day that I would recommend to any wildlife and macro lovers!!   Thanks also to Janette who was able to drive me there and must have been well tired at the end of the day!!”


  • Janette

    ” I spent a day with Roy and Geoff and was blown away by their experience, knowledge, humour and most all the way in which they cared for the animals. The settings used for photography were amazing and the studio was spotlessly clean and well equipped.    Of course, I also obtained some brilliant images on the day!    I strongly recommend a day or two with Roy and Geoff”

  • Tina

    “I had a very good day at the workshop with Roy and Geoff,both are very knowledgeable about the animals,taking great care with them during the day.
    they were excellent with photographic tips and the positioning of the lights.
    Lunch was a tasty sandwich made with home made bread,plenty of drinks were offered during the day.
    Roy was extremely helpful with collecting me from the local station and on my departure as SW trains were experiening delays
    I would recommend this workshop with Natural Wonders Photography”

  • Noel

    “I confess I had little idea of what to expect as the course was a birthday present from my wife, who being keen on photography joined in along with my son, again a keen photographer. The size of three was ideal, as with two instructors it gave time to evaluate that which you had heard and time to become better acquainted with your own camera. I had to hire a lens as I did not have a Macro lens, my wife and son both already had theirs. The ambience was such that I felt that I could always ask the “silly” question without fear of being made to feel silly. Both instructors were very friendly and patient. The knowledge of both photography techniques and of the animals was outstanding and it seemed that the animals were never stressed. With the lighting controlled for us I managed some really wonderful shots. The lunch provided was ideal, casual, restful and informative. I came away a little bemused with all that I had been told, a little exhausted by concentrating for the day, however I was extremely elated by the photographs I had taken, inspired by the results and we all stated that the day was educational,  very practically satisfying and most of all thoroughly enjoyable. A REALLY GOOD DAY”.


Your day will begin at about 9.45 with a friendly chat over a cup of tea or coffee (with biscuits) and your first session of photography will begin at about 10.30.       You will have the opportunity to take images of several species of animals from spiders and snakes to chameleons and other lizards, frogs, mantis and  geckos.      You will photograph between 11 – 18 species in a day!

We break for tea and coffee throughout the day and for lunch where a sandwich lunch is provided.    We carry on after lunch where we continue to take images of the animals in a variety of different settings.     Each set is designed to match the  characteristics of the animal in its normal environment from jungle to desert to forest.     We have an amazing number of props and supports for each animal.

Your days ends with a wrap up and an opportunity to discuss the day and answer any questions you may have whether technical or animal related.   After the workshop we will send to you a species list so that you will be able to remember what you have taken images of!

Here is a list of some the animals that you may see (but please bear in mind that not all of the animals will be available on every day)

Madagascan Tree Boa
Solomon Ground Boa
Grey Banded King Snake
Corn Snake
Diones Rat Snake
Hognose Snake
Panther Chameleon
Yemen Chameleon
Carpet Chameleon
Jackson’s Chameleon
Cuban False Chameleon
Barking Gecko
Crested Gecko
Mossy Gecko
Rough Thick Toed Gecko
Viper Gecko
Cave Gecko
Leopard Gecko
Bearded Dragon
Ridge Tailed Monitor
Mexican Red Knee Tarantula
Chilean Rose Tarantula
Brazilian Giant White Knee Tarantula
Brazilian Black Tarantula
Costa Rican Red Tiger Rump Tarantula
Orchid Mantis
Dead Leaf Mantis
King Mantis
Stick Mantis
Violin Mantis
Red Eye Tree Frog
Vietnamese Mossy Frogs
and more….
For one to one workshops let us know if you have a particular interest (for example snakes and spiders) and we will try to accommodate this.        Please also let us know if you have any special dietary requirements and/or allergies.
For this workshop you will need plenty of memory cards!  It is surprising how many images you will obtain in a day!


  • Included
  • Tea/coffee throughout the day
  • Lunch
  • Information about the animals you are photographing
  • Guidance and tuition for macro work
  • Access to several species of reptiles and amphibians
  • A choice of species where possible on One to One workshops
  • Access to a purpose built fully equipped studio
  • Access to between 17 - 22 species in a day to photograph!
  • Excluded
  • Personal Insurance
  • Items of a personal nature
  • One Day Macro Workshop £175.00
    • Arrive 09.45am
    • Tea/coffee biscuits and a chat about the day
    • Set up camera
    • Take many images of animals throughout the day
    • We end the day at about 4.30pm
    • Lunch included
  • One Day One to One Macro Workshop £320.00
    • Arrive 09.45am
    • Tea/coffee biscuits and a chat about the day
    • Set up camera
    • A minimum of 4 hours of photography with varied species of animal
    • A choice of species if you have a particular interest
    • Lunch included
    • Bring a friend for an additional £80.00
    • We end the day at about 4.30pm
  • Half Day One to One Macro Workshop AM £270.00
    • Arrive 09.45am
    • Tea/coffee biscuits and a chat about the day
    • Set up camera and Introduction
    • A minimum of 2 hours of photography with varied species of animal
    • A choice of species if you have a particular interest
    • Bring a friend for an additional £80.00
    • We end the day at about 12.45pm
  • Half Day One to One Macro Workshop PM £270.00
    • Arrive 1.00pm
    • Tea/coffee biscuits and a chat about the day
    • Set up camera and Introduction
    • A minimum of 2 hours of photography with varied species of animal
    • A choice of species if you have a particular interest
    • Bring a friend for an additional £80.00
    • We end the day at about 4.00pm
  • Can I hold the animals?

    Generally, no as the animals need to be protected from us, not the other way around!      On occasion, depending on the animal, and the handler, you may be able to hold one or two.    In the main all animals are handled by our very own specialist animal handler only.    This is to ensure the welfare of all animals used, which is paramount.

  • Will I be given a list of the animals that I photograph?

    Yes, this will be emailed to you after the days photography together with a fact sheet about each species.

  • Are the animals captive?

    Yes, all animals used are captive bred.     No animals are taken from the wild.   The welfare of the animals used is paramount.     Great care is taken to ensure a safe environment for all of the animals and all participants on the macro days.

  • What if I have a Phobia?

    All phobias are respected.

  • What camera equipment do I need?

    A DSLR camera, a dedicated macro lens (minimum 100mm) and extension tubes would be ideal.   A zoom lens (minimum 100mm) works as well but for the smaller animals like a praying mantis it’s best to use a macro lens.   If you don’t own a DSLR camera or a macro lens, we highly recommend:   You are very welcome to bring your own macro flash unit.  A tripod or monopod is not necessary.   Make sure the batteries of your camera are fully charged, we have power points for additional charging throughout the day.   Bring plenty of memory cards as its surprising how many pictures you can take in one day.  If you do not have extension tubes do not worry, there are some in the studio for you to use if you would like to try some.

  • Can I experiment with different cameras and lenses?

    Yes of course if you would like to do this.

  • Can I choose which animals I can photograph?

    To a certain extent yes but remember that animal welfare is paramount and so  the species that you see will be subject to availability and are always subject to change.

  • Where is the location of this workshop?

    Frimley, Camberley, Surrey

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