Ultimate Madagascar

Ultimate Madagascar
  • £3100.00 (Per person based on sharing a twin room) /person
  • Deposit: £500.00
  • Location: Madagascar
  • Dates:
    • 2 - 17 September 2018
  • Duration: 16 days
  • Leader: Janette Hill
  • Group Size: 6 max
Fully Booked


With over 100 species of Lemurs and more than 100 species of bird found no where else, Madagascar has to be one of natures best locations for wildlife. There are also the worlds smallest and largest chameleons together with exquisite geckos. About 80% of the flora and fauna is endemic!

Join us to photograph some of the most unique and endangered wildlife in the world as we explore the amazing country of Madagascar.  The fourth largest island in the world, there can be few places on this earth that offer us such unique, diverse and extremely beautiful wildlife as on the island of Madagascar. 

Madagascar is a unique destination for both traveler and photographer. It will offer you the opportunity to photograph amazing wildlife, stunning scenery and beautiful people.

For wildlife lovers Madagascar has over 85% of the worlds currently know chameleons and its the only place on earth to see lemurs in the wild with over 40+ species! 

Spending time with these wonderful creatures will be one of the many highlights of your Madagascar photography tour. There is of course so much more to see and we will endeavour to photograph tomato frogs, giraffe necked Weevil the worlds most bizarre looking insect and leaf-tail geckos. 

 Traveling in Madagascar is a adventure, you could say a great adventure…for the explorer prepared for heat, humidity and journeys on the road less travelled. That said we make plenty of stops along the way, take the opportunity to walk though villages and enjoy points of interest.


What You'll Learn

  • How to enjoy your photography
  • When to use aperture priority
  • When to use shutter speed priority
  • When to use manual
  • What a histogram means
  • All about Madagascar's wonderful flora and fauna



On arrival to Antananarivo international airport Janette  will meet you and drive you to your hotel. We stay at La Ribaudière, A bouquet hotel in the city centre in Antananarivo, your have time to unpack and relax, take a coffee in the tropical garden and dine in the glass covered veranda.  The hotel is within walking distance of the centre of Madagascar’s capital.

After breakfast in the garden, we meet our driver and travel south out of the city centre on the RN7 through Central high plateau of Madagascar.  Here you find mud brick homes with thatched roofs, bustling market towns and colourful pousse-pousse.  Antsirabe assaults the senses, the Sabotsy market could keep you occupied for hours, a Pandora’s box of sights and sounds.

Our hotel for the night is the Green park.   We will have Malagasy coffee or tea to start the day and then explore the action at the Sabotsy market, a Malagasy version of a Moroccan souk!

Mid morning we start our journey west across the high plateau towards Miandrivazo, driving across hot & dry country finally dropping down to the lower plains and the Tsiribihina River.

We make a early start to photograph the Tsiribihina River region, stopping at small villages along the way. In the afternoon we get our first glimpse of the spectacular baobab trees. We arrive to laid-back Morondava, a sleepy town with sandy streets and decaying clapboard houses.  Local villages battle the roaring waves in small fishing boats, and the sun melts in the Mozambique Channel.  Our guesthouse is right on the beach, the charming Hotel Maeva is home for the night.

We have breakfast over looking the sea and then transfer to our 4×4 and head for one of Madagascar’s most photographic spots, The Avenue of the Baobabs.  The trees here are as old as 1000 years, their branches fanning out at the top of massive trunks. 

From the Baobabs the road gets exciting!!  Belo-sur-Tsiribihina is our lunch stop, just after our first ferry crossing of the day. We continue along the sandy 4×4 road till the Manambolo river… we ross by raft and arrive at Bekopaka, the small village at the entrance of the Tsingy de Bemaraha NP,  a sea of jagged limestone pinnacles towering several hundred meters, formed over centuries of water and wind erosion. 

A full day exploring the grand Tsingy, rope bridges, walkways and via Ferrata…A mountain route equipped with fixed cables. Some of the walking is strenuous, gaps between the rocks are narrow, bridges are high, caves are cramped and dark.  Any one with a very low level of fitness or vertigo might be challenged. That said, hauling, crawling, squeezing and pulling is all part of the fun!  We hope to see Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher, Nelicourvi Weaver, Blue Vanga, Crowned Lemur, Brown Lemur and Vereaux’s Sifaka

We make an early morning start to explore the petit Tsingy (2-3hours). Here we have the change to see more of the national parks wild life including Chameleon, Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher, Nelicourvi Weaver, Blue Vanga, Crowned Lemur, Brown Lemur and Vereaux’s Sifaka. 

We then make out way to the Kirindy reserve with it’s amazing wildlife, a night walk and a chance for a face to face encounter with the Fossa. Kirindy is one of the few places in Madagascar where you are likely to see the fossa, the country’s largest predator, also Ring-Tailed Mongoose, Crowned Lemur, Brown Lemur and Vereaux’s Sifaka.  There are 6 species of nocturnal lemur, the tiny mouse lemur is believed to be the worlds smallest primate, 45 bird species and 32 reptile species. We may see the Flatid leaf bug, at first glance looking like clusters of tiny fuchsia flowers. 

We over night at the Kirindy lodge in the heart of the reserve. 

We explore the reserve on our early morning walking safari, returning to the lodge for breakfast. We have time to relax and enjoy the reserve during the day, often with the odd visit from a passing lemur or two. 

Our afternoon is set to visit some of the 1000 year old baobabs trees ‘roots of the sky’ the colours and long shadows are fantastic at sunset. We return to Morondava for our evening meal and guesthouse at the hotel Maeva.

From the low lands of the coast to the high land plateau we travel across this beautiful country passing small villages and big scenery.

Antsirabe assaults the senses, throngs of very colourful pousse-pousse fill the dusty streets and vibrant market. We take a pousse-pousse ride to the Sabotsy market to photograph the spectacle. Mid morning we continue our journey down the RN7 twisting and turning through the high plateau.

Our evening is at Fianarantsoa

We explore the cobbled streets of Haute-Ville in this most attractive part of town. Mid morning we continue on to Anja reserve.

We stay at the Anja reserve, a mountain strong hold for the ring-tailed lemurs. The reserve encompasses three mountain size boulder called “the three sisters” The forest at the base of the sisters is full of ring-tailed lemurs. The reserve is a completely community run imitative, promoting conservation, creating jobs and teaching the value of wildlife. Anja will be our base for the next 3 nights.

We explore the reserve on our early morning walking safari, finding a place to wait for the ringtail lemurs to  arrive from there over night nest’s foraging in family groups for food in the fruit trees as they make there way to a suitable sunbathing rock to warm them selfs in the morning sun after the chilly night.

A early morning walk from the lodge down to the Anja reserve where we hope to meet the ring-tail lemurs on their morning forages and the wonderful sun-bath they take to warm themselves. Traveling in groups of 15-17 the lemurs forage on the ground for fruits, flowers and leaves. Late morning they can be seen drinking at the lake. We hope to find leaf-tail geckos and chameleons. The reserve is a very good place to find Pygmy Leaf Chameleons, one of the worlds smallest vertebrates.

We take our last morning safari in the reserve returning after a few hours for breakfast and to prepare to travel on to I’lsalo national park. We now feel we’ve left the highlands when a vast plain swallows the RN7. This mostly empty desert harbours a great national park…I’lsalo. We over night in the nearby town of Ranohira.

I’lsalo NP is filled with canyons, vertical rock walls and yellow savannah grasses and best of all deep canyon floors with lush vegetation, streams and pools ideal for a dip! The light is continually changing and the sun sets under the big sky, challenging not to fill your memory cards. Interesting lemurs to lookout for are ring-tail, brown lemur and Verreaux’s sifak. There are more than 50 bird species.

We transfer to Ihosy for our return flight back to Antananarivo, From the airport transfer to La Ribaudière for our last evening. We meet for a early evening meal.

We transfer to Ivato airport for your international flight home. 




  • Included
  • Full Board
  • All transfers
  • Driver Guide
  • Ferry Crossings
  • Entrance Fees to all Parks
  • Local Guide Fees
  • Taxes
  • Supply of mineral water
  • Excluded
  • Items of a personal Nature
  • International Flights
  • Personal Insurance
  • Insurance for your photography equipment
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Day 1
    • Arrive Madagascar
    • Transfer you to your accommodation
    • Unpack, unwind and relax!
  • Day 2
    • Breakfast in the garden
    • Travel though Central High Plateau
    • Photographic opportunities all day
    • Arrive Antsirbe
  • Day 3
    • Explore Sabotsy Market
    • Begin our journey West across High Plateau
    • Arrive Miandrivazo
    • Photographic opportunities all day
  • Day 4
    • Photograph Tsiribihina River region
    • Transfer to Morondava
    • Photographic opportunities all day
    • Check in to guesthouse on the beach
  • Day 5
    • Visit the Avenue of the Baobabs
    • Ferry Crossing
    • Arrive Bekopaka and Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park
  • Day 6
    • Explore the Grand Tsingy all day
    • Photographic opportunities all day
  • Day 7
    • Explore the Petit Tsingy
    • Search for Chameleon and bird life
    • Search for Lemurs
    • Photographic opportunities all day
    • Transfer to Kirindy Reserve
  • Day 8
    • Explore Kirindy Reserve
    • Photographic opportunities all day
    • Return to Morondava
  • Day 9
    • Transfer to Antsirabe
    • Photographic opportunities all day
  • Day 10
    • Pousse pousse ride to Sabotsy Market
    • Transfer to Fianrantsoa
    • Photographic opportunities all day
  • Day 11
    • Explore Haute-Ville
    • Transfer to Anja Reserve
    • Spot Ring Tailed Lemur
    • Arrive Anja Reserve
  • Day 12
    • Explore Anja Reserve
  • Day 13
    • Explore Anja Reserve
  • Day 14
    • Explore Anja Reserve
    • Transfer to I'isalo National Park
  • Day 15
    • Explore I'isalo National Park
  • Day 16
    • Transfer to Ihosy for return flight to Antananarivo
    • Farewell evening dinner
    • Transfer to airport for International Flight home
  • Please note that sometimes the itinerary must be changed but you will not miss out on photographic opportunities if we do need to change things!
  • How long is the flight?

    About 12 hours

  • What currency do I need?

    Malagasy Ariary

  • What language is spoken?

    French is the second language

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