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  • Kirsty and Kevin

    “This trip was amazing! Let’s put it this way… I had only been there 1 day before deciding to book again for next year! My non-photographer Husband and I spent our honeymoon in the beautiful Ranthambore and wow was it special! I first got in touch with Janette about this trip about 18 months before we left and she was nothing but helpful despite my never ending list of questions! When the day finally came that we arrived in Delhi we were met by Jakir who expertly drove us through the mad Delhi traffic and safely down to Ranthambore to our hotel. The Ranthambore Regency is a beautiful hotel and screams tiger! Gorgeous pictures on the wall to gaze at and get you excited for what’s to come! The food in the hotel was spectacular! I asked if I could move in…if only! Now the safaris…. incredible! I loved every single second and the wildlife was far more diverse than I naively thought! Ash was lovely and his knowledge of the reserve is unrivalled. Truly the best guide you could ask for. We saw our first wild Tiger, Arrowhead, on the first day in the afternoon. I can’t explain the feeling when I first lay eyes on her. Such beauty! And to top it off we also saw her young cubs! Over the course of the week we saw lots of other incredible wildlife including owls, leopards, lizards, fruit bats, bee-eaters as well as so much more! I ended up buying a photographic field guide to help me identify what I’d seen when I got home as there was so much! Janette is truly lovely and a joy to spend time with. Her trip is a must and I would whole heartedly recommend it to anybody that wants to experience India’s wildlife and see it’s beautiful Tigers”

  • Lavina

    “After speaking to Janette on the phone and explaining to her that I had previously attended a macro course with another organisation  and was thoroughly disappointed she assured me that  Geoff and Roy would not disappoint.  How right she was.  I attended with 2 friends and we had the most wonderful day.  All animals were treated with the utmost respect with Geoff at hand to look after them plus help with the lighting set up and Roy was so helpful with getting cameras set up to get the best possible photographs.   We all can’t wait to book and attend another workshop.  Thank you for a great day and see you soon”

  • Joan

    “What a fantastic studio workshop, one of the best I have attended, not only for the photos I took, but the knowledge Geoff and Roy have of both photography gear and settings, and of the individual animals we had the pleasure of meeting and photographing was second to none.

    Really enjoyed the whole experience, and cant wait to return to meet some more reptiles. Highly recommend the workshops to everyone, Roy and Geoff very quickly put you at ease, and the whole day was done at a pace that suited us”

  • Kevin

    “I had absolutely no idea what to expect prior to my first visit to Finland and the opportunity to see Bears in the wild from a dedicated hide. I thought that if I was lucky, I would see a few bears throughout the night, what I didn’t expect, after being escorted to the hide around 5.00pm, was to see around a dozen bears of all different colours and sizes, waiting for us to arrive. Hence why the ranger was keen for us to get inside the hide, rather than stand there like love struck teenagers staring at the marvellous selection of Brown Bears. These Bears kept us royally entertained until the early hours of the morning, allowing us to take advantage of Finland’s almost constant daylight at this time of year. The experience of the first night  in a large communal hide, was repeated on 3 further nights, two in small “specialist” Pro Hides, which are 100% recommended for the change in scenery and Bear behaviour. My personal favourite was the Pond Hide which allowed some beautiful reflection shots to be constructed. Totally amazing trip with amazing animals and well organised arrangements meaning I could 100% concentrate  on enjoying the wilderness”

  • Lin

    “It was a wonderful experience to spend a day in Dorset in a hide with a reflection pool. Dean greeted us in the morning and soon settled us in the hide making sure that we were set up for the day with beanbags, refreshments and a handy portaloo. Dean then baited all the stations not only around the pool but also other “props” nearby for the larger birds. It was a real treat to see Bullfinches, Jays, a family of Woodpeckers plus all the small birds you would expect to see around garden feeders but in a natural setting. A photographers paradise!

    The morning flew by and we took a break to photograph the Harvest Mice. We were impressed with the way Dean presented the mice. He never handled them and they were free to climb up the various props provided. Green hedges or a buttercup meadow made for a perfect background.

    The afternoon was spent in the hide again with freshly baited stations. Needless to say the time flew by and we have come home with some great memories and lovely photographs. Thank you Dean for making our day such an enjoyable one and Janette too for organising my birthday treat at such short notice. We can highly recommend this experience day and look forward to repeating it ourselves”   

  • Peter

    “We had an excellent day with Dean in Dorset with the reflection pool and harvest mice.

    The day started with Dean baiting up the area around the pool and we were set up in the very comfortable hide complete with gimbal heads, a kettle and supplies and a portaloo!  A wide variety of birds quickly arrived  including bullfinches, jays, tits and many others.  We were able to take shots on the pool itself but also on the surrounding farm objects creating very natural props. Dean kept in touch with us via a radio handset.

    We the went on to photograph the harvest mice on a variety of stems and twigs. We were very impressed by Dean’s ethical approach in not directly handling the mice – they had their own transportation tube which they seemed to like. We did have a quick rainstorm during this session and so some of our  mice ended with spiky butch haircuts!

    We the went back for a final session in the hide.

    We ended up with a wide variety of high quality images and were well pleased  with the day.  We would very much like a return visit!”  

  • Nicky Y

    “We have just returned from Uganda, our second fantastic trip with Janette. The trip was varied, some of it along very bumpy dusty roads, we also had quite a few boat trips which gave us the opportunity to see lots of birds as well as elephants, hippos, buffalo and crocs close up.  One of the highlights for me was wading in a swamp in our wellies watching shoebills – which I was really keen to see. It was amazing to be able to walk with rhinos at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, with the rangers making sure we stayed a safe distance from them. On the two walks we did, we managed to see 17 of the 25 rhinos that are there.

    The main reason for doing this trip was to see the primates. Our first trek through the forest at Kibale was to see chimpanzees, I was blown away by the experience of being so close to these incredibly noisy and surprisingly large animals. But the outstanding day of the trip started at 04.45 in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  After breakfast we had a two hour drive before starting our trek to meet the gorillas. The trek took an hour and was a bit challenging at times partly due to the fact that we were 7500 ft above sea level, but we were helped along the way by the porters.  But the moment we came across the family of gorillas was unforgettable. It was so amazing to spend an hour in their company. I couldn’t believe how close we were, and never thought I would be able to claim that I have been touched by a gorilla. The silverback was very calm and carried on eating his fruit, while a baby climbed on its mother’s back and the 5yr old male rushed about pushing and grabbing people but in a playful way. Unfortunately that hour went much too quickly but it will be an hour that I will never forget.

    We stayed in some lovely lodges with opportunities to birdwatch in the grounds, on the whole trip I managed to see 152 species of birds.

    We were disappointed not to see the famous tree climbing lions, but that’s wildlife and nothing is ever guaranteed, and it didn’t make the trip any less fantastic.

    So thank you Janette for making sure the trip ran smoothly and hopefully we can join you on some more trips.”

  • Dave Y

    “We have just returned from another brilliant trip with Janette and NWP.  I have always been aware of the attraction of Uganda with the opportunity of spending time with gorillas but the beauty and diversity within the country was a real eye opener.  Our guide Peter Hogel gave a fascinating insight into the culture and people and embellished it with many interesting and amusing anecdotes.  The trip involved a number of fairly long road journeys on a variety of surfaces but there was always things of interest along the way.  The absolute highlight had to be the time spent in the company of a family of gorillas, it was incredible to be concentrating on what was in front of you only to realise that the gorillas were all around you and above in the trees as well. I felt privileged to be targeted by a rainforest fruit from some considerable height. Other wildlife highlights were the trek to see chimpanzees, surprisingly large and incredibly noisy, the welly splosh to see shoebills,  the attempts to view the ‘mythical’ tree climbing lions of Ishasha and the number of huge Chinese cats to be spotted on most of the road journeys. Bird life was spectacular and varied and was complemented by our driver Abraham’s Wikipedic knowledge of birds, ie not always to be believed.  The accommodation was excellent, each lodge had its own unique character and we stayed at some really beautiful locations. Culinary highlights included gorging ourselves on some delicious tiny bananas bought very cheaply at the roadside, a packed breakfast/lunch of cold fried eggs and fish and chips as well as participating in the apparently traditional Ugandan ‘hard boiled egg festival’.  Overall it was a stunning experience and we look forward to travelling with Janette again in the future.”

  • Lin

    “We have just returned from another amazing adventure with Natural Wonders Photography. Peter Hogel joined Janette to lead our tour which added to the enjoyment. Listening to his experiences living in Uganda and learning so much about life for the Ugandan people was fascinating, not to mention the humour and banter around the dinner table.

    This was a full on tour of Uganda with some longer journeys on bumpy, dusty roads crossing the Equator twice but It was all worthwhile as we saw a wide variety of landscapes from hot dry plains to the high altitude rain forests. The birds and animals were plentiful. Amazing to observe and to photograph.

    Our walking safaris in the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary are unforgettable. It was great to be so close to so many White Rhinos always under the guidance of the rangers. During an evening walking safari we came upon a large male Rhino, frogs and spiders to name but a few.

    In complete contrast were the boat trips down the Nile and the Khanzinga Channel. Cruising close to the banks gave us a wealth of opportunities to observe the wildlife and photograph them in their natural environment. Our safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park were thrilling too notably when we were close to a Hyena kill.

    After a short trek in Kibale we were thrilled to spend an hour with a very noisy group of Chimpanzees. They really do charge around the forest shrieking and calling to each other, bashing undergrowth and trees as they go. The Gorilla trek in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest was another story!  Although the trek was difficult going for my arthritic knees and foot I was helped along the way by the porters. The reward was to spend an hour with these wonderful primates at very close quarters. So gentle and calm other than the naughty young male who keep whacking us or tugging our clothes as he passed by. It was a great privilege to spend time with the Silverback and his family.

    Thank you Janette and Peter for sharing your passion for wildlife. Uganda was a unique and unforgettable experience.  Can’t wait for the next adventure with Natural Wonders Photography.”

  • Peter W

    “Another wonderful adventure with Janette – this time to Uganda. The main highlights of this trip were three walking safaries with with white rhinos, chimpanzees and gorillas. These were amazing experiences providing the opportunity for close contact with these incredible animals in their own environment but with the safety of trained and experienced guides.  And, of course, the chance of some excellent wildlife images. We tried to keep the regulation seven metres away from the gorillas but one young gorilla had other ideas and rushed toward us to give us some playful shoves – an experience not to be forgotten!

    We also had the opportunity of visiting other reserves where we saw a wide range of other wildlife including topi, Ugandan kob, impala, giraffes, zebra, hippos, warthogs and much more including a vast array of birds. We also did some river trips, including the Nile, to see the birds and animals from a different perspective.

    There were some long drives and the gorilla trekking in steep rainforest was a bit of a challenge – but well worth while

    Looking forward to our next trip!”

  • Jane D

    “India is a kaleidoscope of colour, smells and experiences.  Janette arranged  a customised pre-tour for my friend and I.  Everything ran smoothly from pick-up at the airport to arrival at Ranthambore.  Her efficient preparations ensured a marvellous introduction to the people and accommodations of India.and allowed us to experience this kaleidoscope.   The  tiger trip was the icing on the cake.  Her selection of guide/naturalist and his driver led to amazing wildlife encounters.  Not only tigers but birds and many other animals that inhabit the magical  forest of Ranthambore.  Her trip is perfectly organised and will inevitably lead to many marvellous moments and interaction with the wildlife .

    Booking a full day safari  was something she offered and arranged.  To spend a day in the park which  allowed us to sit with tigers for extended periods and follow them with no other vehicles around was truly special.  The hotel is excellent  offering both Indian and Western food and a kettle in your room is extremely useful .

    I have travelled with many professional photographers and can say that Janette , unlike others, is very approachable and  will encourage you and educate you at your own pace and requirements.  Equally, if you are an experienced photographer she will allow you to pursue your own creativity offering hints and tips as appropriate based on her many years of experience of visiting and leading tiger trips.

    A superb trip. Highly recommended”   Jane D

  • Jenny W

    Golden Eagles in the Snow.  I am just back from a fantastic trip.  Excellent board and food and comfy hides, with excellent company.    I found this trip so rewarding,with plenty of help during the day and then in evening processing help.

    It was my first meeting with Janette, she has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease and she is willing to share her amazing quantity of photographic knowledge with you in order to help you get the great photos that she gets.    I will be booking again………………….Thank you Janette”      

  • Jenny W

    “Wow! just come back from a one to one Macro day with Roy & Geoff. What a wonderful team they make….Roy is amazing on his camera knowledge, whilst Geoff, is so relaxed and experienced with the handling of the exhibits, I felt so comfy around the guys on what was a very intensive day.  I managed with ease to get some amazing photos, shots I didn’t think and know I would never have got, on my own. but now I feel confident to believe I could get macro shots of this standard on my own. They have given me confidence, and actually shared their knowledge with me.

    I have avoided Macro for so long, as I have never been pleased with the results, so  as you can imagine, I can’t stop thinking and looking at the images I took…..I can thoroughly recommend you give the guys a try.  They give everything they can, to make it YOUR day”.

  • Phil

    “A great day and great location. Harvest mice were relaxed and numerous natural props in a natural setting created great shots. The reflection pool/hide was exceedingly well set up and  frequented  by numerous varieties of wild birds and the odd squirrel – I can’t recommend enough and I will go back various times of the year which would give different insights and opportunities. Great facilities and support – all in all fantastic!”

  • Gill

    “I have just spent an amazing time in Camargue, France with Janette.  I have come away with a huge number of quality images that I could not have taken without the guidance of Janette.    What I hadn’t anticipated was how much outside of the photography side I enjoyed!   The hotel was lovely, the ancient walled town of Aigues Morte was charming, the small group of photographers in our group are new friends and I will be keeping in touch with them.    Janette kindly arranged outside of the photography a 3 hr horse ride on working Camargue horse with a Guardian that was fantastic experience, galloping through the marshes with flamingos taking off.    I can highly recommend Natural Wonders Photography and the Camargue trip; I am certainly hooked and will book again through Janette!”  

  • Lin

    “Our photography tour to to the South Luangwa Valley, Zambia was nothing short of awesome. A truly ‘Luxury Safari’.    Janette is a brilliant tour leader, always mindful of her clients’ needs.  From start to finish our holiday was full of wonderful surprises which came thick and fast just when you thought it couldn’t get any better!  The organisation was faultless, each Bush Camp had its own special character with outstanding accommodation, excellent personal service and fantastic food.  Lasting memories will be the sound of the Bell Frogs at night and waking up to honking Hippos and the alarm calls from the baboons  as the Leopard passed by.

    The photography opportunities were endless. Our superb guide took us to a wide variety of  locations  where we could photograph wildlife in their natural habitat. The light on the morning drives and just before sundown was truly amazing.  The evening game drives were so exciting, especially watching a leopard in a tree with its kill, following a pride of thirteen lions through the bush and sitting in the jeep in darkness with a leopard at close quarters hunting Impala.  We have come home with so many special photographic memories.

    Thank you Janette. You are a star. We can’t wait for our next adventure with you”



  • Peter

    “We have just returned from our latest adventure with Janette – to Zambia.  It  was an excellent trip – well organised, stunning accommodation, exceptional guide, fantastic wildlife – and endless enthusiasm from Janette!

    We came back with 7,500 images which we are currently sorting and editing them and they will be a permanent reminder of probably our best holiday ever.   We are already booking two more trips with Natural Wonders Photography”

  • Barbara

    “I have just returned from the Bengal tiger tour and what a fabulous week we had. Janette  had everything organised to the letter and it all ran to clockwork.   To say I had been looking forward very much to this trip would be an understatement.   I had never seen a wild tiger and I knew I was going to get emotional at my first sighting.   We were to have so many safaris I thought we must be in with a chance and Janette reassured us that we WOULD see tigers.   I never imagined I would see 20 different tigers over the course of the trip. Wow wow wow…… True to form I was emotional on seeing my first tiger in the wild- up close and personal.   A day I would never ever forget.  Thank you to Janette, our experienced guide Ash, and skilled driver Sajid.   Everyday was different in its own way and I came away with thousands of images and so many happy memories of the trip.  It is most definitely something I shall be repeating. Thank you again Janette for your organisation, photo tips and guidance.   Finally, I felt it was a great privilege to be able to be in the place where the tigers make their home.”

  • Alex

    “I actually met Janette as a guest + tour leader in Zambia and thought  right away that she would be a great person to travel with, so when she mentioned that she led tiger trips to Ranthambhore, India, I was immediately ‘in’.  I’ve had so many friends go it alone there, ending up on large  cumbersome trucks with multiple other folks, and seeing very little,  so figured the only way to do it properly and see tigers and be able to photograph them successfully etc was to go with an expert.  This all turned out to be true, and the trip exceeded all expectations.  Janette has sourced the best guide and driver team in the park, who laughed at me saying at the start that I’d be happy seeing one tiger – they delivered 20 sightings, of 12 different tigers. Amazing !!  Still can’t believe my photographs, even as a rank amateur,  completely without eye wateringly expensive lenses.  The whole trip was just terrific – the accommodation at the Ranthambhore Regency Hotel perfect – a lovely spot with incredibly kind and accommodating staff who couldn’t do enough for us,  Janette totally organised and ever helpful and flexible with all our needs, and having done these trips for so many years now, knowing all the ropes (including all the tigers + their cubs !) which is exactly what you need. I can’t recommend this trip enough – if you really want to fully enjoy the whole tiger experience, you are in the right place ! Many many thanks to Janette, the wonderful Ash and Sajjid.  Truly a trip of a lifetime.”

  • Sue

    “Terrific Tigers and superlative Sloth Bears, what more could one ask for from a trip to Ranthambore ? I cannot  praise Janette’s Bengal Tiger Trip enough.  Janette is highly- organised ( in a good way)  and the whole trip was perfectly choreographed from start to finish so one  could just relax and enjoy the wildlife and photography.  Ash our guide and Sajid our driver were simply the best and managed to get us a number of fantastic Tiger encounters . We saw a wide variety of Tiger behaviour , including a Tigress devouring her Prey , a mother with her three cubs bathing in the water  and a huge male wallowing in a waterhole to cool down.  I had set my heart on seeing a Sloth Bear and the team certainly delivered as after hard search they found me a mother with her two cubs which for me was one of the highlights of the trip.  In addition to the large mammals there is a cornucopia of wildlife in the park: Golden Jackals, Wild Boar,  Parakeets, various Owls , Palm Squirrel and Langur Monkey , all in incredibly beautiful settings.  We paid extra for a half day permit in the park which if one can stand the heat I would recommend as one can go anywhere in the park and as there are so few  of these permits issued one  gets very private encounters with the Tigers.

    You do not have to be an experienced photographer to enjoy this trip.  I am a beginner but with Janette’s  advice on settings and endless patience and kindness in helping me with the  camera’s mysterious  workings I achieved some great  photos.  I would return in a heartbeat and will definitely be  going on another adventure with Janette as this was such a wonderful experience.”  Sue

  • Richard

    “Although my wife had been on a photographic workshop in Devon, Ranthambore was our first joint trip with Janette.  Seeing tigers in the wild had been on our bucket list for a long time.  Other Safari experiences have taught me that where wild and elusive animals are concerned there can be no guarantees but Janette’s web-site held out hope that we wouldn’t be disappointed.  Ultimately, however, the trip far exceeded my expectations in terms of both the number and the quality of the animal sightings.

    Staying at the Ranthambore Regency Hotel you will discover that there are other companies who offer a very similar holiday i.e. early morning and afternoon drives in a small open-topped jeep from a comfortable but not luxurious base. What sets Janette’s trip apart is that she has secured the services of an outstanding guide, Ashlesh, and an equally accomplished driver, Sajid.  Time after time we found ourselves hurtling along rough tracks to reach a tiger sighting before any other vehicle.  Occasionally arriving after the rush, mysteriously they always seemed to have the authority to push through the crush to get the best viewing point possible.  Local knowledge like this is priceless: on one occasion we left a crush of vehicles jostling for position on a narrow track, trying to catch sight of a female tiger and her three cubs walking through woodlands.  We drove to the top of a cliff nearby where 15 minutes’ later we were the only ones able to have the perfect view from overhead.

    This is a holiday mainly devoted to tiger-viewing but anyone with wider interests is not forgotten.  Other large mammals had been very scarce in recent weeks but we had a good sighting of a leopard on our first drive and then, towards the end of the week, an extended sighting of a female sloth bear and cubs followed the next day by one of a lone male.  Throughout the week, whenever there was a quiet moment Ash pointed out indigenous birds and I recorded 67 new to me.  For the record, we saw 16 different tigers on 22 separate occasions, including all bar two of our 11 drives, with 10 alone on one half day drive.  A week full of amazing and unique experiences: we will never forget it”


  • Chris B

    “This was my third trip with Janette and I have enjoyed each and every one.  This trip to Ranthambhore was great – I loved the park and I was delighted with the number of Tiger sightings we had. Janette is always a laugh and is very mindful of other people’s needs.  Our guide, Ash, was very good but I was mostly impressed my our driver Sajid – I’m sure he must have been a rally driver in a previous life! Staying at the Ranthambhore Regency was a bonus – food was plentiful and very good, rooms were spacious and air conditioned and it has a pool – ideal for cooling down. All in all, I came home with some wonderful images of some beautiful tigers.  Many thanks Janette!”





  • Angie C

    “I took a work shop in the Camargue area of France.  It was a wonderful workshop and I would do it again next year or before. The people were amazing and the photo opportunity more than I expected.  I had waited to go on this for many years and was not disappointed. Thank you very much.”



  • Tina B

    “A very full and interesting trip with excellent guidance by Janette and Peter”

  • Les

    “Thanks for a great holiday.  Hopefully I will be able to come on another of your trips in the not too distant future”

  • Ken

    “Many thanks for a great trip”

  • Tina

    “I had a very good day at the workshop with Roy and Geoff, both are very knowledgeable about the animals,taking great care with them during the day.  They were excellent with photographic tips and the positioning of the lights.  Lunch was a tasty sandwich made with home made bread, plenty of drinks were offered during the day.  Roy was extremely helpful with collecting me from the local station and on my departure as SW trains were experiencing delays.  I would recommend this workshop.”

  • Gary C

    “An amazing day! Thank you”

  • Belinda

    “This summer I went on my first holiday with Janette to see the brown bears in Finland. This is a wonderful trip which I would highly recommend. You will see lots of bears, it really is a photographer’s dream. There is the opportunity to spend the night in 3 professional hides, which, while rather snug and basic, are well worth it as you get to see the bears in a variety of backdrops.  In addition to the photographic opportunities, which are numerous, you also get the benefit of Janette’s considerable experience. I have been on a number of photography holidays/courses and I can honestly say I have never learnt so much especially in relation to editing in Lightroom. Janette tailors her approach effortlessly to the experience of each member of the group and is always on hand to give advice and tips. She has an open and encouraging style, which in my experience is not always the case with tour leaders on these types of holidays. I came back with some stunning photographs, an increased confidence in using Lightroom and some truly wonderful memories.”


  • Nicki and Dave

    “We have just returned from a brilliant trip to Zambia with Janette.  This is the first time we have travelled with Natural Wonders Photography but not the first time we have travelled with Janette.  We were really impressed with the organisation and the selection of accommodation and Janette was really keen to treat us as clients as well as friends, keeping a number a delightful surprises to herself to ensure that we got the most enjoyment from them.  The wildlife was fantastic and every effort was made by both Janette and our guide Suzyo to ensure that photographically the best positions and angles were explored. We would not hesitate to travel with NWP in the future and just hope that next time Janette does not break any more bones and we do not end up as dressers and luggage mules!!”

  • Chris

    “If you are thinking of going to Uganda, you must.  I have recently returned from Janette’s tour not really knowing what to expect (apart from hoping to find gorillas of course). It was totally different to my usual ‘safari’ in that we only had a couple sightings of lions and no leopards BUT we found a wonderful group of gorillas ranging from a huge silverback (who walked within 18 inches of me) to tiny babies learning how to climb trees. There is a vast array of wildlife, including rhino, hippo, elephant, giraffe, chimpanzees and other primates, lots of birdlife (including Shoebills!) and so the list goes on.  We had wonderful trips on the rivers both during the day and at sunset.  Although Uganda is a fairly basic country, it is a beautiful one, with lakes, mountains and rivers and the scenery blew me away.  I would say this was a real adventure with some long drives (well worthwhile).  I would add that if you are worried about trekking for the gorillas, I am 69, have a replacement hip and knee and still managed – so don’t let anything hold you back. I am definitely hoping to go again. I have travelled with Janette before but it was my first time meeting Peter – I can only say we had a real laugh and would like to thank “Ellie” and “Chicken” for some of it!!”

  • Peter

    “Just been on another of those marvellous Birds of Prey Days in Shropshire with Janette and Falconer Chris Neal.   It goes without saying that the organisation was  absolutely first class and we were blessed with  nigh on perfect weather.  Chris flew a young Harris Hawk  for us to get our “eyes” in and then a beautiful Peregrine Falcon.  The Peregrine was seriously fast and reminded me of that very old advert “that was Shell that was”.  Photographing this lovely bird was a great challenge but Janette was always on hand with advice and  gentle encouragement as ever in her own unobtrusive way.

    Later Chris flew an Eagle Owl in surroundings that were ideally suited  to it and this made for very natural photography.  The day was rounded off with an example of hunting using a pair of Harris Hawks  to search hedgerows and trees for prey.  A truly magic day and an opportunity I heartily recommend”


  • Noel

    “I confess I had little idea of what to expect as the course was a birthday present from my wife, who being keen on photography joined in along with my son, again a keen photographer. The size of three was ideal, as with two instructors it gave time to evaluate that which you had heard and time to become better acquainted with your own camera. I had to hire a lens as I did not have a Macro lens, my wife and son both already had theirs. The ambience was such that I felt that I could always ask the “silly” question without fear of being made to feel silly. Both instructors were very friendly and patient. The knowledge of both photography techniques and of the animals was outstanding and it seemed that the animals were never stressed. With the lighting controlled for us I managed some really wonderful shots. The lunch provided was ideal, casual, restful and informative. I came away a little bemused with all that I had been told, a little exhausted by concentrating for the day, however I was extremely elated by the photographs I had taken, inspired by the results and we all stated that the day was educational,  very practically satisfying and most of all thoroughly enjoyable. A REALLY GOOD DAY”.

  • Katherine

    “The brown bears of Finland – staying at the Markinselkosen Wilds Centre – was  just utterly amazing with an abundance of bears and cubs – I managed to  capture these adorable bears and was totally entertained by the antics of the cubs.   Janette was just brilliant (so down-to-earth),  gave me some good tips and advice on how to take THAT photo.  Hasten to say I came away with some amazing photos of bears and sunsets.
    It was such a brilliant trip which far exceeded my expectations and Janette with her knowledge of bear photography and of the family run Markinselkosen centre just made it.    I would highly recommend this trip to Finland – not only for ideal photography,  the entertainment/antics of these adorable bears but for the various “hide” settings.    I will certainly be booking another trip with Janette”.

  • Mick G

    “An Adventure. Well it was a long drive to the day but when there is so much on offer you have to make an effort.   Arriving at the location and meeting other like minded photographers and Janette we met our host for the day.

    Chris was great, never short of a tale or information. We flew a Gyr/Saker falcon and a Peregrine first and that is a challenge for in flight shots. The afternoon was a little more sedate with the Indian Eagle Owl and Harris Hawks.   A great day and good value for money”

  • Mike V

    “With a good friend I spent 4 days this month in different hides photographing  Brown bears in Finland.  It was a most wonderful experience getting so close to these magnificent animals which allowed me to take some interesting photographs as the bears went about there daily business of searching for food in the forests and meadows in a most beautiful setting. It was certainly a visit that I will never forget”

  • Angela

    “Just spent a macro day with Janette, Roy and Jeff.   Fantastic. Roy and Jeff are so knowledgeable about all the animals and take great care of them. You can tell by how they handle the creatures  how much they care and the animals welfare comes first, as it should.   Great advice was given on the right settings in the camera to get the best shots.  I took images of eighteen different species in total and came away with some great shots.

    Lovely lunch and a brilliant day that I would recommend to any wildlife and macro lovers!!   Thanks also to Janette who was able to drive me there and must have been well tired at the end of the day!!”


  • Richard

    “This was my second visit to Martinselkenen with Janette and I look forward to going again next year.   Martinselkenen is a great place to see and photograph bears as they visit in  significant numbers and are so used to the hides they approach really close.   There are hides in different contexts providing different possibilities for compositions.   The staff are very helpful and experienced.   Going to this centre with Janette has been a great experience.   She knows the centre well and has lots of experience of photographing the bears there so is able to offer very helpful advice and support.   I have come away both times with many images of bears and with very pleasant memories of  the visits with Janette.   These holidays are hard work with nights in the hides but also a lot of fun. Roll on 2017”.

  • Steve T

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the Mid-Wales workshop; Janette’s style combined a little bit of challenge with plenty of room to go my own way, so I found myself taking shots I wouldn’t normally try without feeling coerced into something I didn’t want to do – an excellent balance between help when needed and freedom to experiment.   The falconry day was great fun and seemed to pass in a flash, which is always a good sign.   And there was no danger of coming away hungry as Richard practically force-fed us the whole time – note this is not a complaint!   All in all a relaxed, rewarding and enjoyable few days – thanks Janette!”

  • Jennie

    “I have just got back from Uganda  having had the most wonderful  9 days with Janette.  The highlight of the trip was obviously the gorillas. We were in a small group and were lucky to find a family of gorillas with 2 very small babies. Everyone took some amazing pictures with some special guidance from Janette.   We went on several day and evening safaris and a boat trip where we saw so many different animals and birds.   These included lions, leopards, hippos, giraffe, zebra, warthogs, crocodiles and a vast selection of antelope.    Janette had arranged everything to run very smoothly and safely and with her great sense of humour and expertise we all had a wonderful time and came back with literally hundreds of great photos.   I would highly recommend this trip with Janette to everyone.   Thank you to everyone involved in this trip of a lifetime.”

  • Karen T

    “I have just spent a great few days with Janette on her Mid-Wales Landscape and Wildlife course.   Janette’s enthusiasm and  help cannot be faulted – she did not impose her own ideas for either subject, but rather gave advice/hints and suggestions as to how we could alter our own outlook on the various situations we were presented with each day, not to mention individual help (when needed) on how to get the best images for each situation.

    Falconer, Chris, was a delight and pleasure to work with and his love for his charges was very obvious. He too was a great to work with and did everything he could (without upsetting the birds) to help us get shots of them in the most natural and appropriate settings we could, whilst also ensuring we all got the specific shots we  had in mind.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Janette to others who wish to spend a few days doing something a little different and in fact am look forward to joining her on another session in the near future.

    Thanks Janette”.


  • Christine B

    “I have just returned from a trip to Zambia with Janette of Natural Wonders.  What can I say! Everything was wonderful – Accommodation, food, sightings and of course Janette’s wonderful jokes!!  We were lucky enough to see aardvark (just about), wild dogs – a pack of 17, lioness with 4-5 week old cubs, lions, leopards, hyenas (mating), hippos, crocodiles, zebra, elephants (who seemed to love trumpeting at us), warthogs, buffalo, various antelope, unbelievable amount of bird life and many of the smaller, less seen, animals such as elephant shrew, civet, genet, white tailed mongoose etc.  As for a highlight – there were too many to mention. The accommodation was amazing – I had my own tree house at one bush camp and I could sit in the bath gazing out at the river. We had brunch sitting in the river, made our own pizzas in a shady glade in the bush and had a night time stir fry on the way back from an afternoon/evening game drive – brilliant. I would thoroughly recommend  Natural Wonders and especially the Zambia trip.  I will certainly be doing another! Thank you Janette”.

  • Jeff A

    “I have just come back from a trip with Janette that took me to Ranthambhore NR, India in order to see the Bengal Tiger.  From start to finish I can high recommend Janette’s Company Natural Wonders Photography, with first class company, accommodation, advice, knowledge, which were all superb, all aspects of my trip were very well planned with no issues, food and all travel very well sorted and catered for without any problems.   Janette’s guide for my trip was superb, with great knowledge and experience which helped make my trip such a great  success, so anyone that wants to see the magnificent Bengal Tiger truly in the wild should look no further, with a small party which gives you hands on, plenty of jeep space and more importantly intimate trip togetherness which I thought was just wonderful, which a small trip party offers.   So as said – Bengal Tigers in the wild, this trip is a must, thoroughly  recommend  without any hesitations.’


  • Hazel

    “I have just taken part in Janette’s Birds of Prey Workshop at Clee Hill and enjoyed a thoroughly rewarding day.   With a small group we had virtually one to one tuition so we were able to check our settings and make appropriate adjustments regularly.     Janette had a very relaxed and friendly relationship with Chris, the  falconer built up over the years through numerous times of working together.     Chris was very patient with us all, holding the birds up high, flying them from one area to another and providing some stunning natural settings for interesting backdrops.        The birds themselves were absolutely fabulous and a joy to watch regardless of the photographic results.     However, to my surprise I came away with a lot more presentable and even good pictures than I had dared to hope for.    A wonderful experience altogether. Thank you Janette.”


  • Peter

    ” This Lady organises terrific adventures and the Birds of Prey Workshop is no exception.    Without reservation I am starting my third childhood, I got lost and who rescued me? Janette,  I got confused about white balances and f numbers and who saved me? Janette and all done very gently.    The stars of the day were of course the birds and they were shown to their full potential by Chris Neal.    His and Janette’s experience as great photographers saw to it that we had wonderful and very natural situations to record.    It has to be said the weather was decidedly unkind to man and bird alike but that only really became apparent after we had finished photography for the day.    I whole-heartedly recommend this workshop, it was a marvellous day out.   Thank you Janette and Chris.”

  • Fiona

    “The Mid Wales landscape and wildlife workshop provides a good balance of landscape and wildlife photography allowing people to understand the different requirements and appreciate the differences .  Janette provides help when required but does not impose when you want to get on and take photographs.    I went on the trip with a new camera and lenses.  Janette was very patient when I kept forgetting where the buttons were on the camera!  I was not expecting to come back with any good photographs, my aim was to learn how to use the camera, but with Janette’s tuition I managed to come back with some of the best photographs I have ever taken.    The accommodation provided by Jane and Richard was very good.   It was warm, friendly and a lovely place to go back to in the evening.    I would recommend this workshop; I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.”

  • Martin and Francesca

    “We went on the mammals session in April, had a great time and learned a lot. Photographing small fast moving creatures was quite a challenge, but great fun. Particularly liked the Pine Martin (loved to pose) and the Harvest mouse (so cute).  My camera was quite new (bought the day before!) and Janette showed me some good features.  In fact most of the ‘class’ had different cameras and we were amazed at how Janette interchanged to solve people’s camera problems.  I liked the fact that the class was small so that Janette was easily accessible. Everyone was friendly and the fact that there was a varying experience in the class just made it more interesting.  The lady introducing us to the mammals was informative and gave good insight into the mammals behaviour.  All in all, a great day; very interesting creatures and, I guess most importantly, we really felt that we had moved on considerably in camera techniques and we really liked some of the photographs that we took.”

  • Lin P

    “What an adventure! Almost from the moment we arrived, Matthew and Janette guided us around the street markets where we had our first taste of Myanmar culture and hospitality.   Every day was well planned with varied locations which gave us so many photographic challenges.   Travelling across country by train and boat, a dawn balloon flight, exploring magnificent golden temples and visiting monasteries provided us with endless opportunities to hone our photographic skills.   We have brought home a wealth of photographs and some very special, unforgettable memories of Myanmar and it’s wonderful people.   Thank you Matthew and Janette”

  • Peter W

    “This was an outstanding trip with subjects varying from street photography to landscapes to boats to waterscapes to monks and temples. We travelled by air, car, boat, train, and hot air balloon.

    The country is fantastic for photography and many areas we visited had few tourists.   We also enjoyed great food especially from the streets – and no deli belly!

    Janette and Matthew were excellent hosts, providing us with a wide range of locations and subjects as well as providing helpful feedback on our efforts and guidance where required

    Highly recommended”

  • Peter M

    “I’ve just recovered from my second workshop with Janette, the Mid-Wales Safari.  The weather was rotten, we got wet and cold and lenses got rain on them and it was pure magic.  None of these things manifested themselves until we got back to the warm, welcoming B&B and a mug of steaming tea.    The farm was as close as possible to being home from home, the food was just like mum made, the hosts Jane and Richard were  warm , friendly and extremely informative  in exactly the way Janette is herself, always there but never imposing.      Photographically it was magnificent, the Elan Valley, Red Kites feeding and the day spent with Hawks and Owls. As to the farm breakfast was to die for.        I have no hesitation in unreservedly recommending this workshop to anyone who loves photography, great scenery, great birds. and great food.
    This Lady certainly knows how to pick places”

  • Yvonne and John

    “Having been fortunate enough to spend a week in  the Camargue with Janette, we can heartily recommend her company.  She is an absolute pleasure to spend time with (but a word of warning, keep your hands out of the way if she is hungry!) and comes highly recommended as a photographic companion.  She is always organised, with a great attention to detail, as well as extremely accommodating and helpful.   She loves her camera and her photography, which is clearly evident in her stunning images.  Add to all of that her ever-ready and acerbic sense of humour -we haven’t laughed so hard and so often in a very long time (even in the face of photographic disasters) and you are in for a wonderful trip.  A great and gracious host, we can’t wait to spend some more time with  you, Janette!”

  • Cynthia

    “We travelled with Janette Hill on a Tiger Safari to India.  The organisation was fantastic, everything fell into place perfectly.   I would highly recommend travelling with Janette, especially if you are travelling alone”

  • Richard K

    “I really appreciated the time and support you gave to us exemplified by the way you helped on chasing my luggage and Jim’s duplicate passport. Your style is very much ‘customer’ focussed which was great. Although not needing a lot of technical support during the trip I knew you were always available for questions and advice.  I thought the accommodation and catering etc at the centre was good and the staff very helpful.

    It was a very good trip which I really enjoyed. Thank you.”

  • Stephen Johnson

    “Working with Janette is a great experience balancing as it does the need for important technical detail whilst making the experience enjoyable and fun.

    I have always been impressed by Janette passion for both the natural world and her love of photography.

    I am very pleased to recommend Janette Hill as a photographic tutor”.

  • Becky

    ” I went on the British mammals course with my friend and we were the only 2 on the course.  Janette’s knowledge of the animals and how to get the best shot is incredible and I would recommend anyone who is interested in animal photography to go with this course.    It’s amazing and I loved every minute of it and have some good shots from it too.   Highly recommended and Janette makes the day even better with how nice she is and how comfortable she makes you feel.   100% will be doing another course with her”

  • Chris

    “From the onset of hitting the tarmac at Delhi it was a fantastic journey across India by car which cannot be repeated.  There was so much to see.  A most wonderful experience so well organised by Janette who also arranged for 8 tiger sightings!  Probably my best holiday even though I have been to Africa and other places”.

  • Jim

    “What a great trip to Finland!  The Bear viewing was incredible, the camp was pristine and the surroundings picturesque.
    Janette was happy to assist whenever required with sound, but not pushy advice.
    I must also say I was very impressed with Janette as a person.  Its easy when things run smoothly, but you find out about a person when things go wrong. With one person’s baggage missing and a lost passport, Janette was calmness personified and showed heself to be a real trooper.
    Thanks Janette”

  • Richard P

    “I recently attended a great superb mammals workshop in Devon organised and led by Janette.  She readily gave advice and support throughout the 2 days and created an easy, humorous bond between the small group of attendees which made the event a memorable experience.

    I would thoroughly recommend anyone who’s interested in nature and wildlife photography to attend one of Janette’s workshops as you will return with some great photos and increased knowledge about all aspects of photography”

  • Jennie

    “I had a fantastic day on the British Mammals workshop in Devon.  I learned so much in a short time from Janette.   It was a fun day and everyone was so helpful and friendly.

    I really recommend the workshop, I will definitely be back to do it again!”

  • Danielle

    “I recently went with Janette to Finland on the bear photography course. I had an amazing time and was incredibly lucky with the near perfect shots and conditions I managed to get even if at times it was a little wet underfoot!
    I saw loads of bears while I was out there and even got to see mothers with Cubs. Although the hides are by feeding stations all the animals are wild and you get amazing chances to see natural behaviour. The accommodation was an amazing standard and all the staff were friendly.
    I will most certainly be going on another trip.”

  • Tori

    “I attended a mammal workshop with Janette and came away with some images that I am really pleased with.  Janette made sure that every person went away happy and there was so much to shoot.  Thank you, Janette!”

  • Ruth

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the day with you and Chris and am really pleased with the results.  I would definitely love to come back and do it again sometime”

  • Angela B

    “Just had a fantastic day at the British Mammals Centre in Devon with Janette. The day was very well organised and the accommodation first class.    I took 677 images throughout the day and am hoping for some outstanding ones amongst them.   Janette could not have been more helpful and willing to give advice on camera settings and how/ where to get the best shots.   She knows her cameras inside out and has an obvious love of photography and wildlife      Some animals such as the Pine Marten, Beavers and Water Voles I have only ever seen on TV before so it was great to be able to get up close to them in the “flesh”!   Lavinia, the animal handler, was very good in getting the animals into a good position with the aid of plenty of food!    Would love to go again in the future and recommend the workshop to anyone.”

  • Fiona C

    “This is second of Janette’s workshops I have been on and again I had a very enjoyable time.  There was a variety of mammals to photograph from wild boar to tiny harvest mice. Even in the wet there were animals to photograph.  Janette was very patient when I forgot some basic things like how to change the aperture on my camera, but was equally happy to answer more advanced questions. The groups are small so Janette has plenty of time to help if/when you  want help or advice.   I would, without reservation recommend Janette’s workshops.”

  • Trevor D

    “Having done 2 macro workshops with Natural Wonders Photography and Roy & Geoff, I cannot say enough about their love and dedication for the animals that they use in their workshops, always putting the welfare of the animals first, they still manage to give you such a diverse set of images to come away with using a seemingly endless supply of props to give you the best possible pictures.

    Geoff’s tireless interaction and effort with the animals to get them in the right poses and Roy giving you all the technical help you may need setting up your camera to get the best out of your day makes the experience very special.

    A superb relaxed run macro workshop with great sandwiches for lunch and the follow up email with all the details about the animals used for the shoot.     I thoroughly recommend this workshop to others.”


  • Sue

    “I would defy anyone not to enjoy the British Mammals workshop with Janette.  Our small group was  of mixed ability  which can be quite a challenge but Janette  pitched things just right  and took the time to  ensure that everyone felt comfortable and had the opportunity to get the shots they wanted.  The style of the workshop was hands-on and very informal  which  is great for kinaesthetic learners but Janette was always around to offer advice and tips.  One felt that she really wanted everyone to get the very best images that they could.  She has a great sense of humour,is very patient and I gained a lot of confidence from the day as well as some fantastic photos.  Lavinia the animal handler was expert at getting the animals in place for good images.  The animals are clearly extremely well- cared for and treated with respect.  During the day we were able to shoot nine different species so there was plenty of variety and challenges : the Little Owl was being a somewhat easier subject than the Stoat which moved like greased lightning . Overall highly – recommend. I would go back next week if I could.”

  • Peter

    “This is one of those hands on workshops, or rather a muddy knees and wellies workshop.  But be warned there are so many distractions for folk like me,  Harvest Mice, Water Voles, Foxes, Pine Martens and I haven’t got to the Otters and Beavers yet!   Small wonder I took any photos at all.

    That immediately tells you Janette is no Sergeant Major  making her presence felt at every turn.  Rather she is in the background on hand to offer the benefits of her very considerable expertise with an easy charm that makes novices like me immediately feel at ease and not afraid to ask.

    The animals are presented in a very similar way, their handlers are not “book learned experts”, they know and love their subjects and are on hand to offer their wisdom too.

    I  have no hesitation in recommending this Workshop to young and old, novice and expert alike and really only have one word for it “Magic”.

    Thank you Janette.”

  • Chris F

    “I had a great experience at the North Wales Landscape tour Janette organised together with Claire Carter.   Janette and Claire are perfect photographers by their selves and know exactly where to find the best locations based on the weather conditions you have to do with in landscape photography.   Everybody received exactly the help they needed varying from advising the best spots to go at the shooting locations for the experienced photographers to help in post processing images in Photoshop and Lightroom and technical handling of your camera for the less experienced attendants.   Besides this they both were fantastic hosts during the hours between the shoots, always busy to make everything as comfortable for you as possible and giving a helping hand for all your needs.   I also should not forget to mention the fantastic home cooking food served every day”

  • Tori


    “I am just back from my second trip with Janette and I am currently planning my third. I hope this says it all!    Janette is a super relaxed, fun person to tour with and my trip to Finland was just as described on her website.    There were so many bear sightings, and Janette was always on hand to give photography tips.   I am so happy with my images.    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend tours with Janette. I’ll see you on the next one, Janette!”


  • Peter

    “Back in the cosy warm after having been exposed to yet another of Janette Hills “expodishuns”.  A repeat this time and not for the last time either.  The Birds of Prey Workshop in the Shropshire Hills is an incredible experience where the birds are shown and flown to perfection by Chris Neal.  His experience and ability to pass on his knowledge in a very easy manner is matched by the way Janette is there with quiet, friendly advice on all aspects of photography as well as making sure we are looked after too.  That latter point is a bit important for absent minded near octagenarians who leave lenses. wellies and walking sticks at home on the kitchen table !”


  • Geoff R

    “Had a great Birds of Prey Workshop with Janette and Chris Neal in Shropshire,stunning birds in amazing condition and Chris was so helpful in every way possible, his bird knowledge is brilliant.   Janette was the perfect host and made sure I got the images I wanted,the highlight for me was the stunning Barn owl who just posed brilliantly in an old stone building.  I would highly reccomend this day. Great company,great birds,a day to remember.  Will look at further workshops”.


  • Bridget J

    “Fabulous!  Lots of sightings with plenty of time to sit, watch and listen.   Meticulously organised.   Well done and thank you”

  • Sarah M-G

    “The trip to Ranthambore was amazing!  Our ranger on the game drives was very knowledgeable about the park & the wildlife & on every drive we saw something different – monitor lizard raiding a stone curlews nest, a croc walking up the road & of course tigers. The accommodation was comfortable & relaxing with very good food & service. A trip that I would highly recommend!”


  • Jackie B

    “I have just returned from Finland, photographing brown bears in the Taiga forest.   Such an amazing experience seeing these beautiful animals in the wild.   Thank you Janette, for your knowledge and humour.   You made the trip very enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone”.

  • Sarah M-G

    “Our trip to Uganda with Janette & Peter Hogel was a real adventure that I would highly recommend!   Lots of driving on unmade roads gave the opportunity to observe the ‘real’ Uganda.  The sightings on the game drives in Queen Elizabeth park were superb – tracking the lion prides & being informed on the families, spotting a leopard camouflaged in a tree, watching the elephants walking down to the river, seeing hippos out of the water grazing during the day,  being surrounded by warthogs & marabou storks whilst eating breakfast, observing the birds & wildlife from a boat  & a bush dinner were just some of the highlights in this park.

    Next stop was Bwindi forest, staying in a tent with an outdoor shower room! The short 45 minute  trek to see the gorilla family certainly lived up to expectations – an hour standing about 10 feet away watching the family interact together, in between the females & youngsters with the silverback sleeping up on a ridge just above us. Also an opportunity to walk into the local village to understand how the local people live & their enthusiasm for protecting the gorillas & the tourism that enables them to support their families.

    Final stop Lake Mburo with tented accommodation high on a ridge overlooking the park & the local villages – awesome views. Sightings of giraffe, zebra, numerous antelope species & a honey badger.

    Whilst the trip was not for the faint hearted – lots of driving, lots of  bumpy unmade roads, basic accommodation (although always clean & well presented) & basic food – the beer is good –  the experience was brilliant. I would recommend travelling with Natural Wonders to really ‘get under the skin’ of Uganda”.


  • James C

    “My short time spent on the Natural Wonders Landscape Workshop in North Wales,  was very much a learning curve for me.   Both Janette and Claire as Photography Tutors were extremely helpful, in improving my Landscape Photography Skills.   It was also most fortunate that the weather was kind, and the rain stayed away, for going to some great locations without getting wet.    The accommodation was very good and the catering was excellent, and was never hungry.   Also our work was discussed and viewed after the time spent at locations that day, to view each others shots, and comments discussed on what to improve upon if needed.

    I would recommend this course to all keen Photographers, and can not thank both Janette and Claire enough for their helpful kind assistance.  Although not as fit as I was for a 70 year old, it was not too tasking with my dodgy Knees  getting around at the various locations.   To sum up both Janette, and Claire are excellent Tutors and Photographers and would look forward to joining them again next year 2016 for one of their workshops”.

  • Ray B
    • “Having never been to North Wales the scenery surround the Mawddach estuary and Caerynwch Estate did not disappoint.   On arrival I was shown to a very comfortable single room with shared bathing facilities along the corridor, and immediately felt relaxed and at home.   Sumptuous meals,  hearty breakfasts, afternoon teas, home made cakes and pastries, wonderful suppers of warming chicken casseroles were provided by Morag.
      Our tutors Janette Hill and Claire Carter provided a wealth of knowledge and loads of tips, and undoubtedly I feel all the information I have gleaned will enhance my photos and technique threefold.   At all times consideration for the varying abilities of the group was taken into account, and one could participate in as many photographic shoots ( and mountainous walks) as one wished.
      The weather during the stay was excellent, if not a bit too sunny which somewhat excluded from getting the hopeful more “moody and dramatic shots” that one would have wished to have got as the backdrop to this dramatic terrain.   Visits to  Snowdonia National Park and the seaside resort of Barmouth also provided much variation.   All in all I felt this to be a wonderful experience and a great learning curve, which was made all the more enjoyable by the friendly group and our engaging banter all times.   Would highly recommend”
  • Laura
    • “Hi Janette, back home and sorting through my images from last week. A big thanks to you, Claire and Morag for a great time and making us feel so welcome. Despite some challengingly bland weather I’ve come away with some lovely shots – and more importantly some great locations which will be on the list for future visits. Thanks again and I hope to meet you again some time.” 
  • Frances C
    • “I got so much from the course. Thanks to both you and Claire for your patience and forebearance. My technical know-how has improved and my confidence in trusting my instincts is renewed. I’m also definitely a couple of pounds heavier after those amazing meals Morag produced!

      Many thanks – and hope to encounter you all again sometime”

  • Julian

    “Photographing brown bears in Finland is an amazing experience that I can highly recommend.  We saw many, many bears from a different hide each night, so plenty of background variety in the shots. I’m really happy with the images that I got.

    And the accommodation was also very good, and the staff helpful. Janette is very experienced and has put together a fantastic and hugely enjoyable photography trip, I look forward to booking further trips with her”

  • Olivia

    “I’ve just returned from a trip to Martinselkenen with my partner and the experience exceeded my expectations.   Before the trip, I was anticipating long hours in cold hides, waiting for a fleeting glimpse of a bear.   However, on our first night in the main hide, I was pleasantly surprised when the bears arrived in numbers and stayed throughout the course of the evening. (This was also the case on our last night in the evening hide.)   During our time at Martinselkenen, we also spent a couple of evenings in the swamp and forest pro-hides, which provided a more dramatic setting in which to photograph the bears that wandered through (if a slightly more challenging environment in which to do so).   I also found the daily walks through the ancient forest to the hides a unique and memorable experience in itself.

    Janette and the staff at the attractive, family-run centre are friendly and experienced, and I would have no hesistation in recommending this trip to anyone.  We’re already looking forward to our next trip with Natural Wonders Photography”

  • Peter M

    “My first visit to Finland, lots of bears and a variety of hides.  Janette’s  help and knowledge of the location made good photographs easier.  I look forward to my next visit”

  • Julian

    “The Myanmar photography tour was fantastic. We had a great time! The country is beautiful and the people so very friendly and welcoming. I’m so happy with the photos I shot – so much so that it took me a long time to narrow down my favourites from the many thousands that I shot. It really is a country with endless photographic potential.  I ran short of memory cards but not of photo opportunities!

    Janette and Matthew had put together a great itinerary taking in some of the major places of interest; all of which were well thought out for photography, and they were also happy to accommodate some of our suggestions too.  Travel was well considered and certainly an experience in itself; especially the train to Bagan and the boat to Mandalay. The hotels were also very nice. This was my second trip booked with Natural Wonders Photography and I’m sure it won’t be the last.”

  • Lin

    “Another fantastic adventure with Matthew and Janette. Sri Lanka was an amazing country to visit. The people were  friendly and welcoming and we were treated to a diverse range of photographic opportunities from seascapes and blow holes to amazing jeep safaris and “forty shades of green” landscapes in the tea plantations.  Highlights which will never be forgotten were the elephants, families of monkeys, the leopard stretched out on a rock in the evening sunshine and the Buddhist Festival.  Matthew and Janette made sure that our stay in Sri Lanka was a never ending box of delights. We will never forget the mouth tingling food and the hair-raising rides on the Tuk Tuks.. Thank you both for a wonderful photographic experience.”

  • Peter

    “We went on the trip to Sri Lanka and must say that this was our best adventure yet! . There was a fair chunk of wildlife photography including elephants, leopards, golden jackal, water buffalo, crocodiles, monitor lizards and a wide array of birdlife including pied kingfishers which I had not seen before.

    On top of this there were visits to towns and countryside with the opportunity for landscapes, seascapes, architecture and street photography including many lovely buddhist temples to visit.  The local people were so friendly and keen to inform us about their wonderful country.

    Janette and Matthew were excellent guides and we had a tremendous amount of fun with them.  We want to go again!”

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